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“I bought four different bracelets for my ten year old son. He loves the fact that ” my mom and I are saving the planet…. One bracelet at a time”. Thank you.”
Marie H.

Hey, we are Phoenexia!

We are an e-commerce brand with a mission to protect our planet and wildlife by providing sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Our mission is to use web data, digital marketing, and technology to help nonprofits make a bigger impact to grant a better future for generations to come. We work with nonprofit animal welfare and environmental organizations fighting climate change, mass wildlife extinction, and ocean degradation. Like you, we at Phoenexia believe that it is our responsibility to protect our planet. We guarantee that your donation will reach the right organizations and you will have a positive impact on our planet.

Phoenexia - About
Our Story

Our journey began in 2020

Phoenexia began with a dream to positively impact Mother Earth with our digital marketing skills. We measure our success by positive impact, not profits. 


With all the challenges we currently face, from climate change, environmental collapse and water scarcity to extreme poverty, malnutrition and pandemics, we are determined to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and create a new life for future generations. Our name, Phoenexia, was born from this thought.

Why Phoenexia?

Together we can change the world

We only have one planet and it is our responsibility to protect it. 15% of the proceeds from every order are donated to our non-profit partners to help save the planet from its biggest global challenges. Together, we can make a difference. Shop now to have a positive impact.


"I am so happy with Phoenexia - my order was delivered within 48 hours and the attention and care they put into their products really stands out. Plus, their support is just great!"

Martha Ross
Boise, United States

"Bought dolphin bracelet as a birthday gift for a friend who wears it almost every day. Sustainable packaging that looks exciting and special. Very good on delivery. Will buy it again as a gift and for myself!"

Sebastian Park
London, United Kingdom

Beware Of Scams

Beware of the “Track an Animal” and “Adopt an Animal” scams that many companies use as a reason to buy to generate more revenue. In this scam, each customer is virtually given the same animal to “track/adopt”. These companies keep 100% of the revenue and have NO upside. This serves no good purpose and is a mere money-making scheme of the fraudulent companies.

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Our Contribution

We donate 15% of net profits to our nonprofit partners.

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