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“I bought four different bracelets for my ten year old son. He loves the fact that ” my mom and I are saving the planet…. One bracelet at a time”. Thank you.”
Marie H.

Mother Earth called us, we have answered.

Do you want to do something to help protect our oceans, rainforests and wildlife? Then you've come to the right place!

Our mission is all about your positive contribution. We give you high quality jewelry that help protect our earth and wildlife.

We have exclusive partnerships with top non-profit animal welfare and environmental organizations around the world that are working to combat climate change, mass wildlife deaths, pet suffering and ocean degradation.

Do you think it's our responsibility to protect our earth and wildlife? So do we!

That's why we guarantee that every order will support various aid programs, and you will make a positive contribution to protect our environment.

Phoenexia - Our Story
Phoenexia - Our Story

Our journey began in 2020

Phoenexia began with our dream of contributing to our earth and wildlife.

We measure our success by positive contribution, not profit.

Like you, we realized that individual donations don’t make a big impact.

With this knowledge, we created high quality items and exclusive partnerships with world-renowned non-profit organizations.

Thanks to our partnerships, you create a large and positive contribution with every order.

We donate 15% of profits quarterly and share successes and impact with you via email.

With all the challenges we currently face, from climate change, ecological collapse and water scarcity to extreme poverty, malnutrition and pandemics, we are determined to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and create a better new life for future generations.

Our name, Phoenexia, was born from this thought.

Mother earth loves our products

Phoenexia - Our Story


Increased production efficiency to reduce waste to a minimum.

Phoenexia - Our Story


Eliminate single-use plastic in favor of fully compostable alternatives.

Phoenexia - Our Story


Offsetting transport and shipping emissions.

Beware of Scams

Beware of the “Track an Animal” and “Adopt an Animal” scams that many companies use as a reason to buy in order to generate more revenue. In this scam, each customer is virtually given the same animal to “track / adopt”. These companies keep 100% of the revenue and have NO positive impact. This serves no good purpose and is pure money making by the fraudulent companies.