Leopard Bracelet – Save Leopards From Extinction!

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Leopard Bracelet - Save Leopards From Extinction! From: CA$47.27
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Fewer than 5,000 leopards remain in South Africa today, a 90% decline over the last few decades. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with “African Parks” you can help:

  • restore lost leopard habitats.
  • protect them from poachers. 
  • save them from extinction.

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  • Size: One size fits all. (elastic band)
  • Handcrafted from eco-friendly materials.
  • Gift with purpose, give a gift that makes an impact.
  • Restores lost leopard habitats in Africa.
  • Protects leopards from poachers and trophy hunters.
  • Creates new jobs in African communities.
  • Helps rescue endangered leopards.
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  • 24/7 Customer service at support@phoenexia.com.
  • 100% quality guarantee or you get a FREE replacement.
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  • 100% Recycled Packaging.
  • 15% of net revenue gets donated to charity.

With a 75%-90% human-induced population decline there are only 5,000 African leopards left in the wild!

Trophy hunting, poaching, illegal killing for their skins,  conflict with local people, and habitat destruction have killed leopards at a terrifying rate. Each leopard bracelet protects leopards from poachers, restores their habitat, and protects leopards from extinction.

Phoenexia - Leopard Bracelet - Save Leopards From Extinction!
Leopard Bracelet - Save Leopards From Extinction! 7

Our leopard bracelets are uniquely handcrafted with sustainable materials and an elastic band made to fit your wrist for a comfortable feel. Wear this leopard bracelet as a symbol of your contribution, and encourage others to take protect leopards from extinction.

Rescue the leopards before it’s too late!

Extinct in 13 countries/regions and possibly extinct in seven more, leopards have vanished from at least two-thirds of their historic range in Africa. If we don’t act now then the next generation won’t have to imagine a world without leopards, they will be living in it. We can’t let that happen. Unless we act now, leopards could be extinct by 2050 – with catastrophic consequences for all wildlife, the earth, and humanity.

About 20,000 animals are killed each year by poachers – that’s an average of 40 per day.

Leopards are hunted by poachers mainly for their flesh, skin and other body parts. These are traded by criminal networks and fetch high prices on the black market.

Phoenexia - Leopard Bracelet - Save Leopards From Extinction!Phoenexia - Leopard Bracelet - Save Leopards From Extinction!

Help us protect leopards from poachers and trophy hunters by getting your leopard bracelet today.

Leopards are losing their habitats due to the spread of human settlements, agricultural development, and infrastructure construction.

In Africa, human populations have grown enormously in recent years. This has led to the destruction of large areas of savannah and forest – the traditional home of most leopards – to make way for growing cities, farms, plantations, roads, and other human developments.

Phoenexia - Leopard Bracelet - Save Leopards From Extinction!Phoenexia - Leopard Bracelet - Save Leopards From Extinction!

Due to habitat loss, leopards are STARVING and literally have NOWHERE to go. Your leopard bracelet funds our mission to restore lost habitats in Africa, monitor leopard population trends, and reduce human-leopard conflict.

Be Proud of Yourself! 15% of the profits from each purchase funds our mission to restore lost habitats in Africa, and protect endangered wildlife from poachers and trophy hunters. We are proud partners with the world’s leading African wildlife non-profit organization – “African Parks” – in our common goal to save endangered wildlife from extinction!

Phoenexia - Leopard Bracelet - Save Leopards From Extinction!
Leopard Bracelet - Save Leopards From Extinction! 8

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Customer Reviews

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Angela P
My new favorite bracelet!

My favorite animal in combination with my favorite color! This is my new favorite bracelet! Thanks Phoenexia.

Tom R.
Perfect Fit

Beautiful bracelet with a beautiful mission. It fits perfectly thanks to the elastic band.

Lara F.
Beautiful bracelets, great quality!

I fell so in love with the design and the purpose of this leopard bracelet that I bought 2! I couldn't be happier with the quality!

Tassilo R.
I am glad I supported a worthy cause.

My overall experience was wonderful. I am glad I supported a worthy cause. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Sarah L.

I'm in love with my new bracelet. The stones, the details, how it fits, the purpose, EVERYTHING! You have no idea how many bracelets Im gonna buy from your guys! Highly recommended!


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