Giant Panda Stuffed Animal – Save The Pandas From Extinction

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giant panda stuffed animal - phoenexia
Giant Panda Stuffed Animal - Save The Pandas From Extinction From: $57.99
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Less than 2,000 giant pandas remain in the wild today. Click “Add to cart” to order your giant panda stuffed animal now!

  • Handmade from recycled materials.
  • Very soft ensuring a comfortable hug.
  • Easily washable to keep it clean.
  • Gift with purpose, give a gift that makes an impact.
  • Restores lost panda habitats.
  • Protects pandas from poachers and trophy hunters.
  • Creates new jobs in local communities.
  • Helps rescue endangered giant pandas.
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  • 100% quality guarantee or you get a FREE replacement.
  • 30 days, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.
  • 100% Recycled Packaging.
  • 15% of net revenue gets donated to charity.


Cuddle With Your Giant Panda Stuffed Animal Proudly, Knowing You Have Saved Orphaned and Abandoned Panda Cubs

giant panda stuffed animal - phoenexia
Giant Panda Stuffed Animal - Save The Pandas From Extinction 3

A portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of this nordic lion statue goes to further our mission to help Save The Pandas.

Our Giant Panda Stuffed Animal is handcrafted with recycled cotton and polyester.  Your Giant Panda Stuffed Animal is a symbol of your contribution and helps encourage others to take immediate action to save the pandas from extinction.

Only 2,000 pandas are left in the wild. Unless we act now, pandas could be extinct by 2050. 

The pandas need our help! Poaching and habitat destruction have declined the giant panda population at a terrifying rate. With an 80% DECLINE in the population, there are only 2,000 lions left in the wild!

Save The Pandas! This giant panda stuffed animal is not only a wonderful decoration for your home, 15% of the net revenue of each order will also be donated towards saving and protecting pandas and orphaned panda cubs from habitat destruction and poaching. 

save the pandas - phoenexia
Giant Panda Stuffed Animal - Save The Pandas From Extinction 4

Order Your Giant Panda Stuffed Animal Today And Join The Movement To Save The Pandas

Phoenexia - Giant Panda Stuffed Animal - Save The Pandas From Extinction
Giant Panda Stuffed Animal - Save The Pandas From Extinction 5

P.S. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, let us know within 30 days and we’ll refund your purchase or send a replacement!​

  • Your purchase has a positive impact – The Giant Panda Stuffed Animal was created to spread awareness and provide help to pandas and abandoned pandacubs. Each purchase helps our swet friends survive another day!
  • High-Quality – The giant panda stuffed animal is crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable materials.
  • Save pandas from poachers! – Every stuffed animal saves adult and cub pandas from poachers.

Be Proud of Yourself! 15% of the net revenue of each purchase funds the restoration of pandas’ habitats, supporting the shrinking panda population, and saving panda cubs!


Customer Reviews

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Carolina P.
I just love it❤️

This little bee flew all the way to Spain, and I just love it❤️. I've known Phoenexia for a while and they always surprise me with great quality and altruism.

Melissa G.
The entire cause is amazing

I just happened to stumble across this cause and when I read up on it, it was something that I absolutely felt like I had to do. Our honey bees are becoming extinct, not a good thing at all for many different reasons. So this cause is for the high bees. The entire cause is amazing, so not only are you giving for a good reason but you also sponsor one honey beehive! The world NEEDS honey bees, do research and you'll see.

I adore this!!!

I absolutely adore my bee necklace, I wear it every day now. This project made me more aware of the problems bees are facing and how there are amazing ways to help them. I wear it all the time!


I bought these for all the ladies in the family because I noticed there were not very many bees around last summer. I was so happy to support this wonderful cause that the necklace was secondary to me. However, when I received them, I was amazed by the quality of the workmanship. Even the chain is well made, sturdy, and does not get caught in my hair like so many others have. The necklace comes with a sterling silver and gold certificate...

Finn R.
Beautiful design and perfect fit

I attached a picture for everyone who is wondering about the size of the bracelet. If you have a bigger wrist no worries, it wrap perfectly around it thanks to its elastic band.


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1. How do I know if the proceeds will be donated?

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2. Is this product made from sustainable materials?

All of our products are uniquely handcrafted from natural, recycled, and environmentally friendly materials, and help protect our fragile ecosystems. 🌏

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