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“I bought four different bracelets for my ten year old son. He loves the fact that ” my mom and I are saving the planet…. One bracelet at a time”. Thank you.”
Marie H.


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STEP 1: Get Your Earth Points

We decided to create a loyalty program for our valued customers. Every time you make a purchase on Phoenexia, you will get rewarded with “Earth Points” which can be redeemed on your next purchase. Gather enough points and you can even get products for free! With every dollar spent you earn 1 Earth Point.

Login to your account to see how many Earth Points you have earned!

STEP 2: Get Your Phoenexia™ 4k Animal Wallpapers

Click below to download your animal wallpapers for mobile and desktop.

– Mobile Wallpapers

– Desktop Wallpapers

P.S. Every animal wallpaper represents an animal from our product categories in Phoenexia.

STEP 3: Track Endangered Marine Animals

Click HERE to track dozens of marine animals on their journey through the ocean. We decided to give you this resource for free because it helps the perpetual owner of the website. Here at Phoenexia we don’t think that it is ethical to sell products with the proposition that they can track an animal because it does not help the environment, nor the endangered animals in need.

NOTE: Many companies use this tracking map without any consent from the owner, and use it as a selling proposition for their “track a [animal]” products. This is not only a scam and illegal, it also does NOT help these marine animals. These companies do not donate any money, and give all customers the same animals to track.

STEP 4: Get A Free Tree Of life Bracelet Worth $39 On Your Next Order!

We would like to give you a FREE tree of life bracelet and plant an actual tree in your name. 

P.S. For every tree of life bracelet that leaves our warehouse, we will plant trees in the environmental areas where it is needed most. A tree reduces your carbon footprint and gives life to biodiversity and hundreds of endangered animals that are suffering from habitat destruction.

Use the CODE: “TREEFORFREE” at checkout on your next purchase. 

Note: This coupon code is only available for a limited time!